About Us


Boatbuilding LLC

The company was created in 2016 and is distinguished by the dynamic development in the boatbuilding industry. We are the producer of the high-class sport and fishing boats so we ensure the best quality of our products. Impressive amount of practical solutions is characteristic for the products of Boatbuilding sp. z o.o. – which increases the consumer’s comfort with relatively low price.


Our projects are distinguished by timeless style and high achievements. Highly integrated boat making process, beginning from first sketches and ending at the last burnisher’s dab, unite implementation of the newest technologies with the traditional boatbuilding draft and this is what determines the unique quality of our products. The motto of our company development is the permanent pursuit to innovations and modern design of our yachts. We permanently invest in extension of the technology infrastructure introducing the newest solutions.


We make our boats from polyester-glass laminate. . We collaborate with the best equipment and material suppliers. . We collaborate with the best equipment and material suppliers. We have the knowledge and the access to the innovative technological solutions. We meet expectation of the most demanding clients. We offer the additional equipment and accessory for the product, and thanks to that every client can pick the exclusive additives making unrepeatable, comfort boats. We act according to our idea “More Than Just a Boat”.
In our offer we have also the boatbuilding services and an opportunity of buying the boat tailers. We guarantee the professional and complex service in every stage of collaboration. We invite you to get to know better our offer.

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