B26 T


Price: 10557zł PLN


  • Chassis: single or double axis AL-KO or KNOTT WATERPROOF – watertight bearings in hubs;
  • Suspension: independent, uresorowane on the torsion shaft;
  • T-type drawbar;
  • AL-KO or KNOTT overrun brake;
  • Adjustable axle position.


  • Support frame made of steel closed profiles, efficient;
  • All hot-dip galvanized;
  • Quick and easy disassembly and installation of the rear beam;
  • The ability to quickly adjust the length of the trailer by pulling the rear beam;
  • Keel rollers, side supports;
  • Adjustable height of the bow support.

Standard equipment:

  • Cable winch;
  • Support wheel;
  • Support double paws, mounted on the cybants – 4 items;
  • Stem;
  • Keel rollers.

Additional equipment:

  • Spare wheel;
  • Spare wheel support;
  • Side supports or slip rollers with smooth height adjustment
  • Single or double slip;
  • Double keel boards up to 5m;
  • Support boards covered with fabric – 1m to 4m;
  • Shock absorbers;
  • Drum brake rinsing system.
Parameters Values
Trade name: B26 T
DMC: 2000- 2600kg
Own weight: 480kg
The length of the beam of the lighting beam 1250mm
Maximum length of the cargo space 8430mm
Maximum length of the trailer 9840mm
Width of the frame 1730mm
Trailer’s overall width 2350mm
Variant of the rear frame 3
Type of drawbar T
Axle load capacity 2 oś H 2350kg

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